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Assisted Death

Compassion… humans have a great capacity for compassion for their fellow human beings. Sympathy for another’s suffering and a desire to alleviate that suffering helped to make socializing and the forming of groups possible for the human animal. An ability … Continue reading

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2010, Ignorance Still Prevalent

Evolution is now a proven fact. In the face of much opposition, mostly from the religious right, evolution as a scientific fact has withstood all challenges. Preferring to believe the biblical hocus pocus viewpoint fundamentalists continue to shout opposition, but … Continue reading

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What’s Your Poison?

I finally finished reading “A Choice of Catastrophes” by Isaac Asimov. It is a vintage book which came out in 1979 which I purchased around that time but just got around to reading it. In this book Asimov outlines the … Continue reading

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Reign of the Pinheads

There are some on these blogs that seem to have only the purpose of smash and destroy in mind. Just like the punk that stomps your garden into history and then hides nearby to watch your reaction these blog rats … Continue reading

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