With Your Head in the Clouds You Can’t See the Ground

Religious individuals who sincerely believe the tenets of their faith and are constantly mindful of them fail to care for the people and the world around them. After all, they believe, their god will care for the environment should that god want the environment taken care of. In any case, in the face of their beliefs, nothing earthly matters.

These resolute believers are ready to abandon any earthly thing be it home and family or community, in service to their god of their belief. If their god, in their perception, calls for this disciple to sacrifice himself/herself for the greater glory of that god(flying airplanes into buildings), so be it. If their god demands actions which result in the deaths of hundreds of men, women and children, so be it. Nothing must stand in the way of the will of their god. Anything that threatens the unchanging nature of their faith is considered evil (Science and modern technology). Yes, these modern evils can be used, manipulated for the purposes of bringing down the modern evils, but are otherwise shunned.

Tolerance is not a word used in the context of these true believers. You must believe as they do, or die(Christian and muslim both believe that you accept their faith or die). If they don’t kill you outright, then they rest assured in the knowledge that their god will do so later on. Yes, free will… believe… or die. What a great choice these lowlifes grant all others. No choice at all.

Religion is like a predator preying on the unsuspecting. It draws you in with promises of great reward. Later on, when it is detected that one’s faith wavers, it keeps the believer trapped therein by promises of great punishment should they falter. There is little hope for escape, especially for those that have been trapped since childhood. Despite the ridiculous trappings and behaviors required of their faith (Popes hat sure looks funny to me), year after year they continue to accept the ridiculous and forsake reality. In the balance, mankind suffers for this ignorance, with war, misery and death unending.

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