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Beware the Facade

  Nearly all people seem to wear a facade, and when under stress they reveal their true nature. Perhaps they are afraid of who they really are, and its subsequent revealing to others. For whatever reason, even though their true … Continue reading

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Every person is unique. Some have close similarities to others, but exhibit nonetheless separate features however small the degree. Others, like myself, seem unique to the max. Strong opinions, unique mannerisms, thought processes some consider peculiar identify such people. Strong … Continue reading

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I know the feeling of those who are falsely accused of crimes. I have done nothing to deserve the treatment I am receiving. Nothing. A callousness that I thought was not possible has been exercised against me. A meanness that … Continue reading

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Isolation Difficult

Isolation imposed by the hypocrites around me is a burden that is difficult to manage. Adjusting is taxing, but occurring. Slowly but surely, as I realize who and what is really at the root cause of this dilemma, I see … Continue reading

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